GEORGE® is extremely strong, has maximum fluidity of movement, and maintains mobility over time and during filming, with great versatility and modularity of parts.

The joints are made from carbon fibre and ultra-compact stainless steel in the SL-SPECIAL MIX and BLACK SPECIAL models. Both offer the greatest fluidity of movement with adjustable friction.

The co-axial stainless steel model is extremely compact with an axial structure that minimises the use of space. Certain joints such as the knees are spherical or have stainless a steel hinge.

Special technology is the base of project but great focus has also been placed on the use of innovative solutions for the widest use of the armature. Of particular note is the rapid attachment system used for the limbs and neck, allowing you to create different hands, feet and heads whilst maintaining the same body. The limb is removed with extreme ease and replaced with another.

The rapid attachment is made by CNC machining in stainless steel.

The upper torso is made completely from carbon fibre and was created in three different versions: a base, an improved reinforced section for shoulder joints and another with a special dynamic neck.

Feet :

The main characteristics are: – integral carbon fiber structure – notable rigidity – ample angulation of ankle movement – ball made from carbon or stainless steel with M3 threaded hole – cylindrical front joint, for more controlled movement of the ball – modular heel that you can insert for female characters.




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